JLS Psychology Services



People will often seek out psychological support because they are wanting to learn strategies to better manage their symptoms. However a person does not have to be experiencing psychological distress or a mental health issue to see a psychologist. Many people can benefit from seeing a psychologist at other points of there life. For example a person may see a psychologist because they want some assistance with a simple goal that will further enhance their wellbeing
Psychologists can assist with issues including the following:

- Anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorders
- Social and/or relationship difficulties
- Depression, fatigue and negative thought processes
- Unhealthy habits and addictions
- Problematic and risk-taking behaviour
- Complex behavioural issues
- Difficulties with emotional regulation
- Family relationship issues/separation/divorce
- Depression/negative self-talk & beliefs
- Parenting & behaviour management
- Exposure to abuse, traumatic event(s), grief and victims of crime
- Health issues and chronic pain management
- General life stressors & adjustment issues
- Sleep issues
- Food issues


Jaclyn is trained and experienced in numerous psychological interventions including:

• Cogntive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Eye Moevement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy
• Trauma Focused Cogntive Behavioural Theapy (TF CBT)
• Exposure Therapy
• Mindfulness/Meditation/Progressive Muscle Relaxation
• Solutions Focused Therapy
• Motivational Interviewing
• Narrative Therapy
• Grief and Loss Counselling
• Parenting and Behavioura Managment Support
• Play, Art and Sand Tray Therapy
• Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
• Pain and Chronic Disease Management
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