JLS Psychology Services has been trialing animal assisted therapy for the past 18 months and have received some positive feedback from our clients. The Animal Assisted Therapy in our practice is where an animal is present at therapy to enhance the safety and security of the therapeutic space, and enhance rapport with the psychologist. Whilst providing evidence based psychological intervention we provide animals to improve rapport and motivation for therapy. At present there is a lack of scientific evident supporting Animal Assisted Therapy as a stand alone treatment. However, the research does show that the presence of animals in the therapy room can improve rapport and motivation for therapy. Studies have also shown that the presence of animals can reduce elevated levels of stress hormones and reduce heart rate, helping clients to feel more relaxed and comfortable in session.

At JLS Psychology Services Dr Monty works every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Dr Monty is a 2 year old purebred Persian cat. This breed of animals are well known for their gentle nature, being lap cats and for their playfulness. Dr Monty has become a much loved addition at JLS Psychology Services with children frequently asking for their appointments to be booked on Dr Monty days. Dr Monty does have his own private office, so for those who may be allergic to cats Monty can happily be moved to his office for the session.
You can follow Dr Monty on Instagram: Dr_Monty_JLSPsychologyServices